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    Monday, May 4, 2009

    More Goveia

    Nuno Leonardo Melo Alves at the restaurant in Seia. I think Bert is doing some after dinner yoga.

    Gouveia Portugal
    10:56am. Today we are traveling from Gouveia back to Porto and then flying to Milano Italy.

    Yesterday was the final day of the festival here in Gouveia. Before the shows began, Bert, Hideyo, Tyler and I had a very nice lunch in Seia Portugal with our new friend Nuno Leonardo Melo Alves and his wife Maria. Nuno is a Chinese Medicine specialist and a big fan of CGT. I met him two years ago when we played at the Gouviea festival the first time. We had an amazing meal of Portuguese specialties, which included a desert buffet of over 20 different kinds of cakes, pies, creams and my favorite was a kind a cream caramel they call “Camel Spit”, which is also a favorite of Maria's.

    One of the highlights of the festival for me, besides the CGT/Stickmen performance, was David Allen and the University of Errors. David is one of the founding members of a band called Gong, and his own band is very innovative and original. After their concert, we met the guys in the band and enjoyed talking with them sitting on the patio area of the hotel enjoying the beautiful Portuguese spring weather. Josh the guitar player, and Warren the drummer live in San Francisco and also play in a band that I am a huge fan of called Citay.

    Here is a photo from Tony Levin, taken at a cafe near the hotel in Gouveia:

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