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    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    VG-99 and packing for tour

    My new Roland VG-99 and FC-300 pedal board that was delivered yesterday. CGT are now officially Roland endorsers! Yay! We've been using Roland gear for many years, in fact the very first guitar effects pedal that I bought as a teenager was a Roland Chorus pedal. We are very happy to have this endorsement! I played around with this pedal for several hours yesterday, but it's going to take some time to program it so it is ready to take on tour. So, I'll be bringing the vg-88 for the European tour and then use this vg-99 for our June tour.

    I'm busy packing up for our mini tour in Europe. I leave tomorrow for Portugal. I am trying to fit everything into one suitcase. Normally I travel with two suitcases, one for clothes and one for gear. But on this tour we will have more restrictions on baggage with the flights and train travel between shows.

    This Saturday, we are playing at a festival in Portugal with the Stickmen! I'm looking forward to that! And to our other shows in Italy and Austria, and to the beer tour in Belgium with Tyler and Bert.


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