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    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    NAMM Day 2

    I’m just getting ready to head back into the convention center for Day 3 of NAMM. During day 2 at NAMM, we had lots of loud music playing at the booths nearby, which provided for some interesting polyrhythmic distraction, and made it especially challenging to play at the Beyer booth. In fact, we created some “interesting new arrangements” of a few CGT pieces on the spot, which means we messed up but kept going and found our way out of it. I signaled the end of Blockhead a beat early; good thing the other guys followed me! Even with all the distractions and new arrangements, we drew a big crowd of enthusiastic listeners.

    Last night we went to the Acoustic Guitar Magazine concert called “Acoustic Café”. CGT has played at this event twice before, including this performance from 2005 with a surprise guest:

    Speaking of Acoustic Guitar magazine, the latest issue features a review of our latest CD Echoes: Echoes review

    The big party last night seemed to be in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel where I am staying. The lobby is huge, with two big stages and rock bands performing at full rock concert volume. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of people all hanging out in the lobby, trying to see rock stars, trying to look like rock stars, and some actual rock stars too!


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