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    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Lincoln, Des Moines, and Minneapolis

    View from my hotel room in downtown Minneapolis

    Minneapolis Minesota

    11:26am. This morning I got out of bed and did some yoga in my hotel room. After a little stretching, I noticed a magazine on the desk in my room listing Minneapolis’ best restaurants and opened the page to the listings and saw best breakfast “Hell’s Kitchen”. I looked out the window and saw Hell’s Kitchen just down the street. I walked over and there was a long line of people waiting to get in. Since I was by myself, I bypassed the long line and was seated in the pub area and within a few minutes I had “Huevos Rancheros of the gods” in front of me. Excellent!

    The show last night at the Cedar Culture Center here in Minneapolis was excellent. We had more people in the audience than we’ve ever had before at this venue. The staff at this venue is mostly volunteers, very much like Swallow Hill in Denver and The Ark in Ann Arbor, and everyone seemed happy to be there, and they did a great job of taking care of us, and helped make it a great show.

    On Thursday night we played a very interesting show in Des Moines Iowa. Our promoter/friend Michael went all out on the set up of this event with a huge sound and lighting system. Michael’s wife Julie is a dance instructor at the Catalyst Arts Academy and she had choreographed a dance for the students for two CGT songs, which was great and really added a fun dynamic to the show.

    Wednesday night was at the beautifully restored Rococo Theater in Lincoln. This venue is the perfect sort of venue for the CGT. And although the turn out was on the lighter side, I really enjoyed playing in this theater. Our friend Steve did a very good job of helping promote the show and most of the people in the audience were there because of his promotional efforts. Thanks Steve! It was Bert’s birthday, and Steve’s wife made a birthday cake for Bert and his daughter Kealey delivered the cake, with candles lit, to the stage at the end of the show.

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