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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    Houston and Austin

    9:27pm. I'm backstage at the One World Theater in Austin TX. And we are just getting ready to go on for our second show. First show was great! We had 3 vibraphonist from UT join us for the Marsh and Melrose...amazing!

    Agave Gardens at One World

    In Texas they have BBQ at the gas stations. It says "worst BBQ in Texas" but it was great!

    Sometimes we get to stay in nice hotels. This hotel in Houston is one of them.

    Sold out show last night in Houston! The Mucky Duck is a funky little music venue on the south side on Houston. Back in 1998, we were doing a Borders Book store promotion tour, we played at the Borders Books in Houston and one of the audience members recommended that we go and play the open mic at the Mucky Duck, and he had already reserved a time slot for us that night! We played 3 songs for the open mic, and we were invited back and have been playing at the Mucky Duck once a year since. We always have great shows there with great audiences, and the people from the venue take very good care of us. A bonus this time was that they actually had a dressing room for us in the back; a recently remodeled room that doubles as a wine tasting private party/ musician dressing room.


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    1. The 7 pm show was amazing. Your playing was superb, as always, and the UT students were great icing on that cake. You should take them with you on tour sometime. It's an amazing auditory experience, and the six of you are so delightful to see playing as one. Thanks for a great evening at One World. Dr. Holly VanScoy


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