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    Sunday, February 22, 2009


    Southern Hospitality, CGT accommodation in Atlanta

    Mark and Hideyo at Chateau Greenbaum

    Headed west on Interstate 20, near Talladega Alabama

    We just past the famous Talladega raceway, a good indication that we are in the heart of Nascar Country. Tonight we play in Birmingham Alabama. Hopefully we won’t loose too many audience members to the Oscars.

    On Friday night the concert at the 5 spot in little 5 points Atlanta was completely sold out!!! Umphrey McGee was playing next door at the Variety playhouse and their concert was also sold out. Recession?, what recession?! The manager from the Variety playhouse came over to the 5 spot to tell us that the Umphrey McGee guys invited us over to see there show, but our show went fairly late and we didn’t end up making it over, but very nice of them to offer. Our show at the 5 Spot was really great. The audience was very enthusiastic and they helped make it a high-energy show. We played Bohemian Rhapsody for the encore, and the audience joined in singing along really loud. There must have been a lot of good singers in the audience as it was some of the best singing on Bohemian we have ever had. Impressive!

    Last night we played a private concert at our friend Don’s house for his 50th Birthday party. Don has a beautiful modern house in the suburbs of Atlanta, and did an amazing job setting his house up for the concert and birthday party, renting a very high end PA system and completely rearranging the great room for concert venue style seating. There were over 100 people in attendance. The concert was filmed with 5 HD cameras and may be released in the near future. We arranged a special “Heart of the Sunrise/Happy Birthday” song for Don which as a big hit. Our friend Mark joined us on Zundoko Bushi playing the Zen Drum. Mark played great and the audience was enthusiastically clapping along. Thanks to Mark and Christine for the amazing hospitality during our stay in Atlanta.


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